Model Railroad Info

Locating Your Layout

Before you purchase your set think carefully about where you’re going to display and built it. Select a space where it won’t get damaged… and where you have room to enjoy the set… and work on… and operate the trains with ease. And, if possible, room enough to expand onto your set. Yes, that’s something to consider – is it going to be permanent, or is the layout Read the rest of this entry »

Planning Your Layout From Day 1

When planning to build a layout it is always a good idea to set some objectives and goals. Begin with the end in mind. Apart from providing pleasure, what else do you want from your layout? When you think about it, you’ll probably decide that is has to be functional and as realistic as possible. Write down what you want to achieve and then you can get started on the exciting part where you can combine your vision and attention to detail with your creativity, technical, and problem solving skills. Read the rest of this entry »