Model Railroad Layouts & Pictures

HO Farrer Siding

Colin has sent in this article and photos for publication. Thanks Colin for sharing your thoughts with others in the model railroading community.

Several model train makers produce forms of ‘Rollers’ which allow a Locomotive to be operated although stationary, as in the same way a car can be tested on a Dynamometer. I recently obtained a set of 4 Bachman ‘EZ’ Rollers, which are designed to sit snugly on top of HO track as shown. (pic 1)

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How To Build Scratch Built Buildings

Laurie wants to share his experience scratch building structures using wall plaster. Here is what Laurie has to say:

I have been a scratch builder of many years. I started at the age of eight, and I’m now eighty four.

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Amazing South African Layout

“I work as an actor and this scene commemorates a TV serial in which I played the lead, shot in 1990. I was the owner of the plantation as well as the sawmill, etc. The rear of the pic features a felled area where just the tree stumps and branch debris remain. To the right and above that you can discern a firebreak.”

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