Recommended Model Railroading Resources To Save You Time, Money, And Frustration…

Robert Anderson

Hi, it’s Robert here…

Take it from me, the hands-on world of model railroading is indeed a special experience. If you are one of my regular subscribers you will know I have been involved in the hobby for many years and like to share my skills and experience with others.

If you ask model railway enthusiasts “what appeals about the hobby?” you’ll get a variety of answers. For some, it is a way of re-creating a fond childhood memory. Others; simply enjoy building a world in miniature with all its detail and realism. Then there are those model railroaders who love solving the technical problems of building and operating an electronic control system

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re 5 or 95… or somewhere in between. The personal satisfaction of building and operating a realistic miniature layout is rewarding and fun… no matter what age you are. Model railroading is a truly rewarding leisure activity that will keep you busy and entertained for hours… if not a lifetime.

How To Avoid Expensive Time Consuming Mistakes

Mistakes can be costly so take your time and work through the process carefully, logically and thoroughly. After all, building a layout is not a race. It is better to think things through carefully and then do things the best way to achieve your goals.

The more you know about model trains, the less chance that you’ll be taken for a ride (excuse the pun!). Some shop assistants and internet retailers just want to sell… and others may misunderstand your needs and sell you the wrong thing. However, in saying that, in general hobby shop staff have a wealth knowledge and are happy to share their ideas. Also the more research you do, the better you’ll get to know your train scales, styles and which manufacturers you prefer. The more you know the more likely you are to avoid costly, time wasting mistakes.

Don’t lose sight of the objective of the whole exercise i.e. to enjoy yourself and have fun! Model railroading can be more than just a hobby – it can become an addiction and you don’t want to get so involved in the process of problem solving that you forget to have a good time.

Recommended Resources:

Scenery And Layout Construction Ideas

Product Rating (5/5 Stars)

In this ebook you’ll learn all about building a layout, including how to design a track plan to best use the space, building low relief and below track level scenery, and inexpensive industries to build. It includes two model train layout building tutorials taking you step by step through the construction of a small layout and building modular layouts.

This product currently includes 30 Days Free Access to the “Members Only Model Train Club as a bonus.

Click here for more information on Scenery And Layout Construction Ideas

“Members Only” Model Train Club

Product Rating (5/5 Stars)

I know you’ll be impressed with what you’ll discover like: the many step-by-step tutorials, expert tips, articles, the comprehensive photo gallery, how-to videos, solutions to train problems, and even a Forum where you can post questions… and so much more! Everything is in one place!

The “Members Only” Model Train Club is for beginners right through to experienced model railroaders. It’s an amazing resource to have at your beck and call!

Click here for more information on the Model Train Club

Model Train Help

Product Rating (5/5 Stars)

This detailed 200+ page ebook is packed with useful tips, clever ideas and detailed technical solutions.

It is US$39.97, but you would need 4 or 5 books from Amazon for all this condensed model train information. It is ideal for beginners right through to advanced model railroaders.

Click here for more information on Model Train Help

Model Trains For Beginners

Product Rating (5/5 Stars)

This is “must have” information for all beginners to the hobby.

Learn how to plan, design and create great layouts that are easy to run and problem free. Very easy to read and understand.

Click here for more information on Model Trains For Beginners


You can never know too much when it comes to model railroading. Mistakes can be costly, frustrating and time wasting… so it pays to keep an open mind to learning new ideas and clever techniques from others.

These ebooks are filled with great ideas and lots of practical tips help you on your journey to creating your perfect layout. They are in easy downloadable format so you can access them at any time of the day or night.

Also, the Model Train Club is a great way to network and share ideas with others in the hobby. You can access lots of helpful tutorials, expert advice, a members forum, and you can even ask the experts questions.

Keep learning and you’ll avoid the frustrations and really enjoy this wonderful hobby even more!