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Tell your fellow Club members about your train layout and the progress you are making

Don’t keep your ideas to yourself. Tell your fellow Club members about your layout and the projects you are working on (they may be able to help you and offer suggestions). There is even the opportunity to have one or two photos of your layout, or building project, published. If you are having problems and need some solutions, then this is where other Club members may be able to help you.

Simply fill in the form below and upload your photos for approval. Please take some care with how you word things, as it is important that other members clearly understand what you are doing or trying to achieve.

We are all in this hobby together, so it is a good idea to help and encourage each other…especially new-comers who sometimes pull out of this wonderful hobby through frustration with lack of support or mentoring. If you want help, or you can help, then this service is for you.