Why Model Railroading is “The Worlds Greatest Hobby”

If you ask a model railroader what appeals about the hobby you will get a variety of answers. For some, it is a way of re-creating a fond childhood memory around trains and railroad (railway in UK) tracks. Other model railroaders simply enjoy building a world in miniature with all its detail and realism. Then there are those in the hobby who love solving the technical problems of building and operating an electronic control system.

Railroaders have a lot in common, but they are also very different. Two model railroaders could both start with identical track plans and finish with totally different layouts. A track plan is merely a blueprint showing where the pieces should go. Add different scenery, settings, trains and the model railroad layout will become truly unique. That is why this hobby is so fascinating. It combines technical skills, with creativity and plenty of patience with some common sense thrown into the mix.

You can build your layout in the solitude of your basement, attic, shed or garage workshop… or they can sit in a sun lounger and watch trains weave around your garden (if you have one). More and more people in the hobby are choosing to join a model railroad club (like this one) and share their ideas and experiences with others. The opportunities are endless.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are 5 or 95, or somewhere in between. The personal satisfaction of building and operating a realistic miniature train layout is rewarding and fun, no matter what age you are. This is a truly rewarding leisure activity that will keep you busy and entertained for hours, if not a lifetime.

This online club is a great way to meet people and make friends. As a club member you can hare ideas and help others.

4 Responses to “Why Model Railroading is “The Worlds Greatest Hobby””

  • Liverpool Larry:

    I’ve been in model railways for 27 years and have mainly Hornby. The Flying Scotsman is what I like to show off. The club is a great idea and if its as good as roberts books I’ll be joining.

  • PK:

    yeh sad to see kids playing nintendo instead of model trains. I bought a train set for my 7 year old.

  • Zachary Neuhaus:

    i mostly do model rail roading to get stress out or just for fun

  • Bill Griffith:

    Have just bought a flying Scotsman HO set and having difficulty in joining the tracks together without bumps between each join.. I have tried all my patience but after unsuccessful attempts time after time just give up when still no smooth joints occur. Any advice will be good. Thanks, Bill

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