Jay’s Ideas

Jay has sent in some thoughts on the advances in model railroading:

The newest equipment available today has all of the best perks for good performance:

Can motors

The big advantage that can motors have is that they are pretty much sealed, and keep out dust and dirt. They also have higher torque at low speeds, and are over all much smoother, and draw a lot less current.

Flywheels and dual flywheels

Flywheels really make a locomotive run smooth. They will carry you over dirty spots in the track and give the locomotive the effects of “Momentum” starting slower and stopping slower or a bit of coasting.

All Wheel Pickup

What could be better than having all of the wheels do their part in conducting to the energy in the track? The more the better to get over turnouts, crossings and dirty track. It really aids in smooth operation.

With DCC

You have, Constant lighting, programmable consisting, acceleration, motor control, Effects lighting, and the ability to address each locomotive even if they are on the same block, and many more features.

With DCC & Sound

You have all the above plus the actual sound of the prototype locomotive, I am addicted! Warning: Once you run you system with sound, you may become spoiled! Too much realism? Yes, and that is great!

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